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Deep and longstanding experience developing antibody-based immunotherapies

Celldex was founded based on a fundamental scientific belief that harnessing the power of immune system would break significant barriers in drug development for a variety of devastating diseases. Our scientific philosophy is derived from longstanding roots in the antibody and immunotherapy field that have led to breakthrough technologies both at Celldex and in previous companies, including Medarex (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb), from which Celldex was spun out in 2005.

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Proprietary antibody programs using validated technologies drive innovation

Celldex draws upon a number of core technologies to design targeted therapeutic candidates that seek to leverage the power of the immune system to fight disease. Our programs encompass validated technologies such as humanized antibodies, important and proprietary disease related molecules and natural human proteins that can be exploited for specific therapeutic applications. Our comprehensive approach provides us with a unique capacity to tackle human diseases based on the newest scientific understanding and technologies.

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Cutting edge science with patient-focused approach

Our development programs are specifically aimed at patient populations with a significant medical need with limited or no treatment options. As we look to the future of immunotherapy, we believe the next great challenge for the field is to translate the greatest benefit to the largest population of patients possible.

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Robust in-house capabilities enable optimized development process

Celldex’s strong in-house capabilities enable us to effectively and efficiently advance our development programs from antibody discovery and engineering to GMP manufacturing. Keeping these activities in-house provides us with a high level of control over multiple processes and ensures a unique element of focus and expertise for our scientific programs. Our team has deep experience with managing complex infrastructure, proficiency in several different technologies and extensive analytical capabilities.

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Next Generation Bispecific Antibody Platform

Our next generation bispecific antibody platform is supporting the expansion of additional candidates for inflammatory diseases and oncology

Bispecific antibodies can engage two independent pathways involved in controlling immune reactions and combining these into one molecule can result in stronger activity than a combination of the independent antibodies.

Targets are being selected based on new science as well as their compatibility to be used in bispecific antibody formats with Celldex’s existing antibody programs. Lead targets in development are emerging as important pathways controlling inflammatory diseases or immunity to tumors.

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